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In AVRA Hotels Collection we believe that all memories & feelings are created through joyful, fulfilling experiences. Part of our philosophy is to provide you with all the experience you need to fully live the story of the place you visited or create your own story. Our Collection of Hotels offers a wide range of activities and a selection of venues to enjoy them. Pick yours.

Through a rich collection of restaurants & bars you have numerable choices to live the full dining or drinking experience. Choose from local, homemade, international, asian, italian, formal or casual and experience the tastes & aromas that suit you!

We are passionate for your special days and we strongly believe that your dream coming true is an overwhelming experience for both you and our team. Choose your ideal place & venue through our collection and let us plan your perfect day.

In our collection you will find professional, fully equipped venues for corporate or professional purposes. Pick the most suitable and let us answer to your needs.

Greece is well known for its Sea & Sun and along with its beautiful nature, it is the ideal country to enjoy outdoor sports and activities. Choose among water sports, mountain hikes or adventurous gorges and so many more.

The wellness of your body and the ability to relax is number one aim for a fulfilling holiday. A 5 star spa experience, a relaxing massage or any other requirement can be met in Avra Hotels Collection.

Avra Hotels Collection cherishes family oriented holidays and offers a great range of children activities through the Hotels we manage. Choose the ideal place and rest assured it is going to be a memorable experience for all the members of your family.

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