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Rhodes, the Island of Knights is an island with rich history while it is known from the years of mythology. It is said that Rhodes emerged from the sea and then the God Sun fell in love with her asking Zeus to donate the island. That’s why Rhodes is also known as the Island of Sun. In order to show their appreciation to the God the residents of the island made a huge bronze statue near the port from where the ships were sailing between its legs. This statue was none other than the famous Colossus of Rhodes, one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

Rhodes is the biggest island of Dodecanese and the fourth biggest of Greece. The island is located 350 kilometers south and east of Athens, only 18 kilometers south and west of Turkey and its capital is the city of Rhodes with a population of 55.000 residents. The island's climate is temperate but its main feature is the moisture during all year round. A very impressive fact is that there is no rain from May till the end of September, that’s why you are going to see the beaches full of people during these months. The best choice to go there is by plane but there is also the option of the ship. Diagoras airport is located in Paradisi which is a village 16 kilometers far from the city of Rhodes. The port of the island also functions as home port which makes Rhodes input and output gate for all the Mediterranean cruises.

In 2012 Rhodes was awarded the “Blue Flag” award for 32 beaches. With 253 kilometers coastline and the sun shining you will certainly find the ideal place for your taste. Every year the beaches of Rhodes are flooded by thousands of people. Locals or tourists, families or lonely guys who are looking for peace and calmness, fans of water sports and diving is some of the people you are going to meet at the beaches of the island during the summer.

Rhodes is also a paradise for gourmets. With dishes whose roots reach back to the Doric Period and most of the resources produced on the island the visitors have the opportunity to taste delicious handmade dishes and sweets. At the capital of the island you can find a small market where you can buy traditional products and souvenirs for you or for your friends.

The locals are friendly and willing to give you advice about what you can do or see in Rhodes. Apart from the Greek language most of the locals speak English and some of them also speak Italian, German and French which means that you can easily communicate with them.

Kolymbia, Rhodes

Kolympia is an ideal place for a quiet family holiday and is located only 25 km from the city of Rhodes. This is a quiet place, with lush vegetation near Seven Springs. To reach Kolymbia, you drive through a beautiful green road "Eucalyptus". This street was built by the Italians. The hotels here are visually different, and there are only a few restaurants and shops. In fact, it is an ideal place for those seeking rest and relaxation, especially for couples and families.

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