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Avra Hotels Collection
Avra Hotels Collection
Avra Hotels Collection
Avra Hotels Collection
Avra Hotels Collection
Avra Hotels Collection
  1. Avra Hotels Collection
  2. Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy

All Hotels of Avra Hotels Collection aims to continuously improve the level of services provided in conjunction with the reduction of environmental impacts arising from the operation of such a way as to contribute to sustainable development and to maximize social and economic promotion.

In this context committed to continuously reduce the negative environmental impacts, to fully comply and exceed current environmental legislation and all relevant generally accepted good practices.

The hotel aims to save natural resources and prevent pollution.

In this effort, the hotel's management is committed to:

  • Promote effective ecological practices in the hotel's operation.
  • Sensitize all staff and customers to actively contribute to the efforts aimed at sustainable development.
  • Co-operate with other agencies at the local, national and international level to disseminate environmental policies.
  • Uses effective waste management systems that help to save natural resources.
  • Reduce specific energy consumption, water and paper, adopting appropriate internal operational practices and communication.
  • Adopt ecological criteria in procurement of goods and services to the extent practicable.
  • It avoids the use of harmful substances, products and processes where possible.
  • Maintains and cleans the hotel using ecological methods and materials.
  • Trains its staff, both in matters of ecological practices and energy saving as an environmental management and control, during their work.
  • Encourage staff and client modes that minimize adverse environmental impacts. (use of public transport, bicycle etc.)
  • Information and configure special areas for smokers in all outdoor public labor and property.
  • Improves constantly the conditions on site, to ensure good health and safety of staff and customers.

This text is dealt to all the staff and hotel guests and any other interested parties.

For more information please contact the hotel management.

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